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Annual Meeting of the Membership of the USS ORLECK Naval Museum, Inc.

(The following information concerning the annual meeting was forwarded to USS ORLECK Naval Museum members by Constant Contact e-mail (to the member's most recent email address on file) and by USPS mail( to those members for which we had no email address on file).  Please contact us at (337) 214-7447 or email: info@orleck if you are a member and need to update your contact information.)


The annual meeting of the membership of the USS ORLECK Naval Museum, Inc., is hereby announced by the President and Board of Directors, in accordance with the organization's bylaws for the purpose of electing Directors whose terms are expiring and provide a report to the membership.  The meeting was approved at the Board of Directors meeting of July 8, 2016.


DATE/TIME:  17 September 2016 (Saturday, 9:00 AM)


604 N. Enterprise Blvd., Lake Charles LA 70601


1)  Nomination and Election of Directors

2)  Report on Museum's Programs, Activities, and Future Plans


MEMBERSHIP OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  Per Article III of the by-laws, the number of Directors shall be no fewer than five (5) nor more than fifteen (15).  There are currently six (6) Directors:  (1) Mark Boudreaux, also serving as President; (2)  Patrick Bernier, also serving as Secretary; (3) Dr. John Raggio, also serving as Treasurer; (4) Steve Miller, also serving as Vice President and Ship Superintendent; (5) Samuel Phillips, also serving as a Vice President; and (6) Frank Cormier, former ORLECK crewmember 1965-69, who was appointed by the Board to fill the unexpired term of Sam Nelson who passed away in December 2015.  Board members serve as volunteers and are not compensated for their work as Directors.  The Executive Director, elected by a majority of the Board, is an ex officio voting member of the Board of Directors.  Ronald Williams currently serves in that capacity as a full-time volunteer.


ELECTION AND TERM:  Directors are nominated by the nominating committee consisting of the Board of Directors and two members at large.  Additional nominations for Directors may be made by any member in good standing with the Museum in writing no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the annual meeting, to include the qualifications of the nominee.  Directors are eligible to serve for two consecutive full terms, with a full term defined as three (3) years.


NOMINATIONS:  The following individuals have been put forth by Nominating Committee to serve a second consecutive term as Director in accordance with the current by-laws:  Mark Boudreaux, Patrick Bernier, Steve Miller, Dr. John Raggio, and Sameul PhillipsFrank Cormier has been nominated for an initial full term. Read background of nominees.


VOTING:  Those Members present in person at the Annual Meeting shall constitute a quorum.  Voting members' must be in good standing with the Museum and payment of dues current.



1.  For planning purposes, request those planning to attend the meeting RSVP at Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Phone (337) 214-SHIP; or by mail at P.O. Box 4470, Lake Charles LA 70606-4470.  Also, please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

2. Members arriving from out of town are welcome to contact us for information on lodging, restaurants, and other activities in the area.

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